Things to do in Pedernales

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October 31, 2019
Southwest Dominican Republic
October 31, 2019

Pedernales has one of the most significant scenic reserves in the Dominican Republic. Its location is in the south-western corner of the country which makes it a remote interesting zone. Imagine a place with coastal roads lined with enormous cacti and turquoise beaches views…a gratifying experience of pure nature.

One of the must-see tourist destinations in Pedernales is Bahía de Las Águilas. It is deemed as the crown jewel of Dominican beaches and is situated in Jaragua National Park. It has a picturesque landscape of cliffs that have not been touched since pre-Columbian times. From deserts full of cacti to pristine beaches, Bahía de Las Águilas is an excellent place for nature lovers.

Another destination you shouldn’t miss is the breathtaking “Pozos Ecológicos” and its crystalline waters. It’s a very unique place located in Pedernales, with 3 ecological wells of crystal clear water. Take in the atmosphere – a perfect way to rejuvenate as you enjoy the rest of your visit to the beautiful province of Pedernales. It is also very accessible and just a few meters walk from the main road “Route 44″.

Alternatively, you may opt for an even more peaceful oasis and appreciate the natural beauty of this province’s wild surroundings. Traverse the mountains and visit Mencia gorge’s crystal-clear river that flourishes turquoise waters that fall from the cliffs. You’ll be also amazed by the LARGE TREES ALONG THE RIVER NEAR with its immense roots. Relax and take a swim whilst you admire its sublime beauty, a truly impressive wonder of nature.

How to get there:
The tourist attractions in Pedernales is often part of tours from the Barahona province, which is located two hours away (approximately 135 kilometers west). Explore the true Caribbean and book an amazing trip now through We guide you as you discover the best-kept secrets of the Dominican Republic!