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November 13, 2018
Hummingbird Package
Hummingbird Package
November 11, 2018
Sierra de Bahoruco


Trekking in the wild forest with its typical flora and fauna

3 days / 2 nights

Sierra de Bahoruco

Pickup/Transportation from your hotel (area of Barahona/Paraiso/Los Patos)
Private guide and escort
3 Full typical lunch (can be type of picnic/sandwiches), soft drinks (water, juices and sodas, 2 full typical dinners and 2 breakfasts
2 nights in mountain refuge and private house

Not included
All not specifically mentioned services
Personal expenses and tips

Rates Sierra de Bahoruco
Rate for a Seat-in Tour (minimum 2 persons):

from US$235 pp

2 pax: US$635 pp
3 pax: US$490 pp
4-6 pax: US$435 pp
7-10 pax: US$325 pp
11-15 pax: US$270 pp

Eco-Adventure of 3 days (2 nights), to discover through the trails and the campsite, the Sierra de Bahoruco with its typical flora and fauna.

During this adventure, you will be spending a night inside the National Park in the village of Cachote, in the middle of the cloud forest, you will share meals with communities of the mountains, and you will get to the only town of the Sierra de Bahoruco: Polo. You will enjoy landscapes of the Sierra, through its forests, small trails, a great biodiversity, and its amazing panoramic views.

The sea is really calm and a delightful wind will help you to not suffer too much from sun and heat.

Be an explorer for one day, with this entirely ecological, natural and totally unspoiled spot. In addition, the Jaragua National Park is habitat for numerous native, endemic and migratory birds. More than 130 species of birds have been reported in the park, 76 are living permanently, 10 are endemics and 47 are migratory birds.

DAY 1 – Pickup hotel –> Trek to Cachote

Walking time 6 hours, ramp of 1100 meters (going up), medium to high difficulty.

Pickup/departure from your hotel, and drive to Paraiso, village nestled between the mountains and the Caribbean sea.

The trek starts by the “Café de las Mujeres” trail, across agricultural cultures and coffee plantations. During this hard climb, you will appreciate and enjoy, several times, fantastic views overlooking the coast of Paraiso and with views of the Nizaito valley. At the top of the first mountain, you will meet with the small community of Charco Blanco (900m). After a stop to take a lunch (sandwiches and fresh fruits), you will follow the trail towards the village of Cachote (1,300 meters up), and its cloud forest, inside an enclave of the Bahoruco National Park (Biosphere Reserve). The hike ends with the arrival at the Visitors Center of Cachote, in the middle of the semi-wet primary forest, including impressive arborescent ferns, green ebony, and manacle palms. There, you likely could hear the surprising “Jilguero” (Rufous-throated Solitaire), which is able to reproduce 9 whistlings. At the end of the day, you will share a dinner prepared by the community, and will appreciate the freshness of a unique climate in this region, before going to sleep lulled by the sounds of the mountains. Night in refuge.

DAY 2 – Trek Cachote –> Polo

Walking time 7 hours, ramp of 700 meters (going up and down), medium difficulty.

After a full typical and early breakfast, we take the road of Polo (700 meters). You will start the hike with a long descent until the « caña » (dry river bed) of Cortico river, which has its source at Cachote. Then, you follow the trail on a hillside, alternating ups and downs, and passing by two news river beds. You will cross several remote communities whose inhabitants are living on their small farming productions (coffee, cacao, corn, beans). Landscapes vary from thick forests to open-fields. All along the way, magnificent views will bring you on another hillside of the Sierra de Bahoruco, before reaching the community of El Gajo with its small school, lost in the middle of the mountains. There, you turn off on another trail to take now the direction of the agricultural village of La Lanza. After an abrupt downhill, a last river bed to cross and a long ascent in the middle of the coffee trees, we arrive finally at La Lanza to take our lunch (sandwiches). You are now on the path connecting Paraiso to Polo (path usable in vehicle only if the level of the Nizaito river allow it). You will follow then your walk on this road which ends in Puentecito, a small village located on the heights of Polo. The last part of this road will be done with the help of a truck, in order to avoid you a few tiring hours more of walk. Finally, you arrive in Puentecito, and the vehicle brings you until your accommodation, a beautiful guest-house with a gorgeous and tropical flowered garden, hidden in the middle of giants trees. You will take your dinner and spend the night inside this comfortable mountain house, and you will enjoy again during the evening the freshness of the mountain climate.

DAY 3 – Trek Polo –> Paraiso

Walking time 5 hours, ramp of 900 meters (going down), low difficulty.

After a great and typical breakfast, a vehicle will pick you up and bring you until the departure of the day’s hike. You will go down the road, passing by the village of Las Auyamas first, to arrive finally to Polo, the only town of the Sierra de Bahoruco, located in the heart of a green valley. This small town is famous for its agricultural productions, and especially for its coffee. If weather conditions allow, you will make a stop in the natural pool of “Mata de Maïz”, source of Nizaito river. When this natural swimming-pool is full of water, it is a great place to take a bath and refresh yourselves. Then, the vehicle leaves the road to take a climbing path until the former school of Lolaso (900 meters). From there you will start the hike. After a long descent through « fincas », where people cultivate fruits and vegetables, you will turn off on a small trail until Nizaito river. This trail will make you cross a dozen times the river, before you get to the “beach” of white stones, where Cortico and Nizaito rivers meet anf join, to make only one main watercourse. Banks of the river are perfect to make a stop for lunch, in the shade of the trees. You will then follow your road toward Paraiso, passing by villages of Platon and Villa Nizao, still by walking along the river which reaches the sea at Paraiso. The last part of the road will be done on board of a 4×4. Once arrived, you will take the way back toward your hotel, where you could finally have a disserved rest.

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